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Frequently Asked Questions

Encroachment Permits

What is an Encroachment permit?

An encroachment is defined as any permanent or temporary fixture such as a fence or any other facility which intrudes into, upon, over or under any street, alley, sidewalk or public way now open or dedicated or which will be dedicated to public use or any property belonging to the city but does not necessarily prevent public travel. (NOTE: Signs in the city right-of-way are illegal per the City Municipal Code. No encroachment permits will be issued for signage)

Requirements for Encroachment Permit:
Plot plan showing location of proposed encroachment. To be included: Materials used, height of encroachment, type of encroachment. (ie. 4' high chain link fence along back of sidewalk.) Show dimension to curb line.

Signatures from surrounding neighbors stating They have no objection to the proposed encroachment located at (address of encroachment). (Suggestion on who needs to sign: If they can see it from their property, they need to sign.)


Homeowner - policy with $300,000 liability.
Commercial - $1,000,000 liability insurance. Policy to be reviewed by Risk Management.

Expiration date, if applicable. (If not, indefinite)

$208 Permit Fee. Permit will stay with the property, not the owner. If the property is sold, the new owners will have the same responsibility for maintaining encroachment as the former owners.

Application will be reviewed by Public Works. After the location has been field inspected, Public Works staff makes any comments or restrictions. After reviewing the recommendations and verification from Risk Management on insurance, the application is sent to the Public Works Director for final approval.