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Mailing Address:

Human Resources Department
City Hall North
1600 Truxtun Avenue - 1st Floor
Bakersfield, California 93301
[Locate City Hall North]

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday except Holidays

Phone: (661) 326-3773
Benefits (661) 326-3094
Job Hotline (661) 326-8837
TDD (661) 321-0916

Human Resources


Human Resources Division - New Hire Orientation

Congratulations on your employment with the City of Bakersfield. Your new employee orientation meeting with be scheduled according to the letter you receive from the Human Resources Department.

At your orientation meeting, we will review the documents listed below and they will be explained in greater detail about the various benefits that are available to you, as a City employee. During the orientation meeting, you may select your insurance plans and complete all necessary insurance forms. Please take a moment to review the orientation forms.


If you are planning to include your spouse and/or children on the insurance plans you will need to bring:

  • Marriage License
  • Children's Birth Certificates

You will also need to know:

  • Social Security Number For Anyone Included In Your Benefit Plans

If you will be designating someone other than those mentioned above (Spouse or Children) as a beneficiary for your life insurance you will need to know/ bring:

  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Social Security Number

The City of Bakersfield requires you to sign up for direct deposit. If you do not have a checking/savings account you will need to get one and bring the bank documentation with you. Please bring:

  • A Blank Check Marked Void.

To assist you in making your decision regarding the insurance plans please review all insurance benefits and the comparison charts for the insurance plans the City has to offer. Please review carefully so that you may make an informed decision at your orientation meeting.

If you have a spouse who would be interested in attending this benefit orientation meeting, please feel free to bring them with you.

Please complete the information that will be mailed to you and bring it to your orientation meeting.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (661) 326-3094.

--Ginger Rubin, Benefits Technician

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