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Animal Care Center - Shelter Facility

City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center










City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center Address:
201 South Mt Vernon
Bakersfield, CA 93307

Phone: (661) 832-PETS

Hours of Operation


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Saturday
10am to 4 pm


The Animal Care Center provides the public the opportunity to retrieve lost animals or provide a new home for one of our adoptable animals. Residents of the City of Bakersfield may also purchase or renew their dog license and learn about other resources that are available in our community such as low/cost spay/neuter options. Residents of the City of Bakersfield are also able to relinquish owned or stray animals to the care of the City at the Animal Care Center; however, we only recommend this if no other options are available. The Animal Care Center will work to identify the reason behind an individual’s choice to relinquish an animal and will attempt to recommend resources that may provide an alternative option to relinquishment. Please contact the Animal Care Center to learn more.
Found animals (intake) are picked up by the Animal Control Division.