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Partisan District of Minsk Republic of Belarus

The Partisan District of Minsk is one of seven districts which comprise the whole of the City of Minsk.  Minsk is a major cultural, educational, and artistic center.  It encompasses approximately 62 square miles and has a population of approximately 2,000,000 people.   

Minsk is located in the heart of the Republic of Belarus, which is landlocked by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine.  Belarussian history includes being subject to Lithuanians and Poles in medieval times, a prize of war between Russia and Poland in the 1500s, becoming a part of the USSR in 1922, and overrun by German armies and recovered by Russia in the 1940s.  Belarus declared its independence and became an independent state when the Soviet Union disbanded on December 26, 1991. Belarus has an authoritarian constitution which gives the president broad powers.  Its ties to Russia remain strong. 

Map of Partisan District, City of Minsk, Republic of BelarusMinsk is a major railroad center, providing easy transportation opportunities for its many machinery construction and metal working factories as well as light industry such as fiber and worsted combines, leather, knitwear, and garments.  It is also known for food processing, medical and endocrinal products, varnishes and paints.  A Minsk automotive plant is a major enterprise of the Soviet motor vehicle industry.  More than half of the output of the Belarussian publishing industry comes from Minsk.  With its fertile lowlands and lakes, collective farming remains the main agricultural method.  Much of the country remains out of public hands in spite of the now democratic nature of the political framework.  

The City of Bakersfield entered into a Sister City relationship with the Partisan District of Minsk, Belarus in June 1994 (Resolution 81-94).


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